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Important Information: Procomm Plus 4.8 is NOT Optimized for Windows XP!

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Terminal emulation and file transfers

Procomm Plus gives you unsurpassed versatility and reliability for terminal emulation and file transfers.

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Procomm Plus 4.8
Product description

Procomm Plus 4.8 gives you unsurpassed versatility and reliability for terminal emulation and file transfers. By supporting over 30 different terminals, it lets you access almost any host system you can imagine. Transfer files with the assurance of optimum data integrity, and run full screen host applications for easy viewing. IS professionals worldwide rely on Procomm Plus for point and click access to a wide range of corporate hosts and online systems from anywhere.


Procomm Plus 4.8 Features

Procomm Plus 4.8 delivers the new standard in remote connectivity by providing enhanced reliability during terminal emulation and file transfers, full support for Windows 2000 in addition to Windows 95, 98, and NT 4.0, built-in virus scanning during transfers and more.

Complete Remote Connectivity

Get quick, convenient access to the information you need most. Log on to a host system. Send or receive a fax. Download a file from your office. Connect to your company's Intranet. Check inventory at your main headquarters. Operate a router from a remote office. Automate repetitive communications tasks. Procomm Plus gives you point-and-click access to the tools you need from a single, intuitive interface.

Data Terminal
Run full-screen mainframe or mini-computer applications by simply using your PC as a remote terminal. Thanks to flexible data terminal emulations, you can connect to and access information from a vast number of host sources. Here's just a fraction of the features

Get connected. You get full support for 36 of the most popular asynchronous video display terminals. That's right... the emulation you need is right at your fingertips.
Intranet connection. Use the industry's most versatile Telnet client to get quick access to a wide range of corporate hosts and online systems.
Fully configurable to meet your needs. Easily customize screen colors, change fonts or remap your keyboard to match the host system.
More reliable connections for fast, accurate communications.
With Procomm Plus, you no longer have to switch from a terminal program to a fax program to keep working. Procomm Plus has comprehensive fax capabilities built right in. It lets you schedule unattended transmissions , converts incoming faxes to text for use in word processing programs, and includes a graphical editor that you create your cover pages. Procomm Plus can even send and receive faxes at the same time through separate fax modems. And that's just the beginning of its power:

Stop re-typing. Integrated optical character recognition (OCR) technology converts fax data into characters you can import into your word processor and edit just like any other text.
Flexible viewing. Easily zoom and rotate faxes, even those received upside-down.
Send at off-peak hours. Save money on phone bills by scheduling transmissions after hours.
Custom cover sheets. Design your own dazzling cover sheets or use one of the templates provided.
Send and receive simultaneously. Support for multiple fax modems maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.
Clean and clear. Quickly straighten crooked faxes and clean-up "scan lines" and speck marks for faxes that look like originals.
Broadcast faxes. Send almost any document from a Windows application to a group of recipients.
File Transfer
Tired of memorizing complex commands to transfer a file or download a program? With Procomm-Plus' Explorer-style interface you just drag and drop to send and receive files. Many ways to receive files with Procomm Plus include automatic "crash recovery" to ensure dependable, efficient file transfers with 100% data integrity. It's that easy! And that's not all:

More file transfers. You get 11 high-speed file transfer protocols, including Zmodem, Kermit and IND$FILE. That's more than most other communications software on the market, and they even work with Telnet.
Hassle-free FTP. Enjoy simple Internet FTP connections with point-and-click ease.
Virus protection
Protect your system with Symantec's exclusive award-winning virus scanning during file transfers.

Internet Support
As an extra bonus, Procomm Plus includes the tools you need to tap the Internet, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Internet e-mail, News Reader, FTP and Telnet.

Support frames, Java and Active-X controls.
SSL and SST security protects your WEB information.
Internet mail supports MIME and UUencoding to send and receive binary and image files.
News Reader retrieves, automatically assembles and decodes binary file attachments.
Drag-and-drop Explorer-style FTP client makes file transfers easy.
Offers full control to resize frames in FTP client window.
FTP crash recovery resumes interrupted file downloads.
Telnet connections access remote computers and BBSs over the Internet.
Telnet supports all 36 terminal emulations and 11 file transfer protocols.
ASPECT script language is easy enough for non-technical users, powerful enough for custom application programs.

Supports custom interface and communication application design.
Intelligent Script Recorder automates logons by recording system prompts and responses, generating an ASPECT script to use in future sessions.
Includes free electronic ASPECT manual and sample scripts for easy customizing so you can automate routine tasks to save time.



Thanks to the power of flexible data terminal emulations you can run full-screen mainframe or minicomputer applications by simply using your PC as a remote terminal. Connect to and access information from a vast number of host sources using any of 36 asynchronous terminal emulations. You can also drag and drop to send and receive files using 11 standard high-speed file transfer protocols.

Terminal Emulations

AT&T 605 & 4410
ADM31, 3a & 5
ADDS 60 & 90
DEC VT 52, 100, 102, 220 & 320
Data General D100, D200 & D210
Heath 19
Esprit 3
IBM 3101, 3161 (block mode), 3270 (asynchronous) & IBM PC
RIPscrip 1.54 (not available in Procomm Connections)
TeleVideo 910, 912, 920, 922, 925, 950 & 955
Wyse 50, 60, 75 & 100
File Transfer Protocols

CompuServe B+



Procomm Plus 4.8 is flexible. You can customize Procomm to look and run the way you want. Repetitive tasks can be automated to save time and minimize errors. Add your own Action Bar for frequently used commands, change screen colors, change fonts, or even configure the keyboard. Print from a remote host using a variety of print options, or even set up an unattended host system. The possibilities are endless because you've got a reliable connection!

ASPECT Scripting Language

Automates and customizes Procomm functions with over 500 commands available to control any communications task
Automates logons by recording system prompts and responses, generating an ASPECT script to use in future sessions
Automates Telnet of FTP tasks
Includes built-in script editor, script compiler and debugger
On-line Help provides a working example for each scripting command
Connection Directory

Automates connections with one click
Consistent interface across all functions ensures ease-of-use
Stores and manages all your connection information including telephone numbers, Internet addresses and system settings
Logon scripts automatically connect you to mini and mainframe applications
RoadTrip feature automatically adjusts your Connection Directory settings for all outbound calls according to your current location's area code
Lets you define "dialing queues" for any group of connections, or enter alternate telephone numbers.

What's new in Procomm Plus 4.8

More Reliable Connections for Fast, Accurate Communications.
Procomm Plus 4.8 continues to deliver reliable terminal emulation, so your users get more stable connections with fewer crashes.And if there is an interruption, Procomm Plus 4.8 allows users to resume file transfers wherever they left off, instead of wasting time by starting all over again.

Windows 2000 Support for Hassle-Free Deployment.
Procomm Plus 4.8 includes full support for Windows 2000 in addition to the Windows 95,Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 platforms. As you migrate to the new OS, you can simply deploy Procomm Plus 4.8 without buying new software, converting old ASPECT scripts or retraining users.You save time and money as well as script conversion headaches and your users avoid confusion and frustration.

Built-in Virus Scanning for Greater Security and Peace of Mind.
A destructive viral infection in a mission-critical legacy system is every IT professional’s worst nightmare. Procomm Plus 4.8 protects your computer system and business data with Symantec’s exclusive, award-winning virus scanning technology. Files are scanned for viruses during transfers, so you don’t have to worry about accidental infection by remote users.

Free ASPECT Manual and Sample Scripts for Easy Customizing.
Unlike earlier versions, Procomm Plus 4.8 includes an ASPECT manual and scripts, so you can automate routine tasks to save time and customize the program to meet special needs

LiveUpdate for Online Updating.
Keeping your software up-to-date is easier with Procomm Plus 4.8 too. Users can get the latest product information and software revisions with LiveUpdate, Symantec’s exclusive online service


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Procomm Plus 4.8 Reviews and Press

There's more to the Internet than surfing sites, downloading music, and buying stuff. Procomm Plus, a must-have shareware application back in the pre-Web days, still fulfills its functions of old, allowing users to telnet (which is useful for, say, configuring a router), dial in to BBS's (bulletin board systems for the uninitiated; these used to be the equivalent of personal Web pages and download servers), and more. In addition, Procomm Plus is a powerful terminal emulator, offering support for three dozen terminals. It also features a fax applet, FTP ability, an e-mail program, and even a Usenet news reader.
Even for all its functionality, Procomm Plus isn't for the faint of heart. Its interface, consisting of pull-down menus and unlabeled icons with commands that are identified only by mouse-over tips, is a throwback to the days when user-friendliness was a rarity. Its terminal emulation, mail, FTP, Usenet, and other functions reside in different executables, yet you can make system-wide setup changes from most of them. ASPECT, its scripting language, is powerful, and a handful of sample scripts are included--but manually editing scripts is akin to full-on programming.

Even with its daunting interface, Procomm Plus is a diesel-powered machine for businesses and power users alike. Its fax applet is surprisingly robust, and even includes a number of cover sheets. Its Internet e-mail module is sparse compared to Outlook or Eudora, but it gets the job done with simple grace. Likewise, its FTP applet won't threaten to put CuteFTP out of business, but it allows you to move files easily to and from servers.

Mainframe-based businesses will love its boisterous terminal emulation capabilities. It emulates dozens of terminals, including popular WYSE 50, 60, and 100; VT 220 and 230; IBM 3101, 3160, and 3270; and more. It allows users to determine how the terminal is displayed, scrolled, and otherwise used. The terminal emulation applet also allows power modem users to punch in manual AT commands.

Merging high-performance business applications with a robust suite of Internet functions, Procomm Plus 4.8 draws its strength from its range of abilities. Its outstanding terminal emulation and big bundle of applets make it a terrific utility--for the right users. --Joel Durham, Jr.

A special note to Windows XP users: Procomm Plus 4.8 is advertised for Windows 9x, NT, and 2000; XP is not included on this list. We only experienced one problem under XP: it crashed while downloading newsgroups. However, check with Symantec before you purchase Procomm Plus 4.8 for XP.

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